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Digital Ultrasound At Our Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba

You might be familiar with ultrasound technology from media or even real life because doctors use it to create images, known as sonograms, of fetuses in their mothers' stomachs. An ultrasound can be used for similar purposes in pets, but the technology has other uses, too here at our Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Dog being prepared for ultra sound

Uses of Digital Ultrasounds for Pets

Digital ultrasound can provide images of the kidneys, lungs, liver and other organs to reveal kidney conditions such as kidney stones or other injuries. These devices can help to determine the cause of gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting or diarrhea in your pet. This tool can also be used to diagnose urination issues such as blood in your pet's urine or difficulty urinating.

Ultrasounds also guide biopsies, where your veterinarian will take a sample of a diseased organ. Ultrasounds can also help to highlight potential damage to other body parts. This technology is also able to track blood flow to diagnose issues. As always, ultrasound can be used to show early pregnancy, to determine the number of fetuses, and to determine the viability of a pregnancy as time goes on.

Important Diagnostic Tool

Ultrasounds can also facilitate extracorporeal shock wave therapy, a type of therapy that encourages the healing of tendons, ligaments, and bones with injuries. It does all of these things by emitting high-pitched (hence "ultra") sound from a probe or wand that returns as 'echoes,' making this a non-invasive procedure. These sounds move through physical objects and liquids. Because sound moves through solids faster than air or liquids, ultrasound technology can create an image of internal structures without needing to perform surgery or use a larger or more complicated scanning system (although, an X-ray may provide complementary information to the ultrasound image). In fact, ultrasounds can see inside of organs, which X-rays cannot do, which makes an ultrasound an important diagnostic tool.

Various Types

There are various types of ultrasound that may be helpful when determining the cause of your pet's health concerns. 

  • Brightness mode is a 2D method that can be used for abdominal scans as well as to investigate for surgery
  • Motion mode is ideal for tracking motions of organs and structures
  • Echocardiography refers to ultrasounds of the heart
  • Doppler ultrasound tracks the direction of blood flow while Color-flow doppler technology is even better at this

Since there are virtually no risks of ultrasound technology, this procedure is considered safe for both humans and pets. And pets may be more comfortable with ultrasound than other procedures because it's non-invasive.

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