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It’s always nice to have an idea of what takes place during an annual health exam for your pet. At Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital you will be greeted by one of our veterinary assistants who will take your pet’s weight and direct you to an exam room. A veterinary technician or assistant will take a history and discuss any concerns you may have. The veterinarian will then perform a full exam.

This exam includes:

Listening to the heart and lungs
Examining the skin and coat condition and looking for concerns (dry, dull, growths, hair loss etc)
Examining the oral cavity and dental health
Examining the eyes and ears
Palpating the abdomen feeling for any abnormalities
Palpating the lymph nodes
Observing the nervous system and neurological issues
Examining the nose and throat
Observing the mucous membranes and hydration
Discussing diet and nutrition
Discussing Life stage changes

Many pets are ready to receive vaccinations or boosters for vaccinations during their annual health exams. They may also be due for a heartworm, flea and tick treatment, heartworm and Lyme testing and annual preventative blood screening. We strive to accommodate each pet’s individual needs during their exam. We suggest bringing your pet’s favorite treat to the visit to help them feel more comfortable. Treats can help guide the exam in a more relaxed manner for your pet.

Your pet’s annual health exam is your opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please ask us any questions about your pet’s diet and nutritional needs, if their behavior has changed or any other observations you may have made regarding your pet’s health.

Remember, preventing health concerns for our pets is much easier than having to deal with one that arises. We look forward to seeing your pet at their annual health exam soon.