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Orthopedic Surgery With Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital In Winnipeg, MB

An orthopedic problem can develop at any time. Your pet may have suffered an accident. Some animals are predisposed to orthopedic problems because of genetic factors. Even aging causes orthopedic problems that may require veterinary care. At Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg, we can provide quality orthopedic care to keep your pet active and happy.

Understanding Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedics deals with disorders of bones, joints, and spine. Animals may experience a number of different problems with these areas. Surgery is sometimes needed to help stabilize joints, repair bones or remove damaged areas in the spine. Orthopedic surgery for pets has experienced many improvements and innovations that help animals lead full, comfortable and happy lives.

What Orthopedic Problems Does the Vet Screen For?

Your veterinarian in Winnipeg will take a medical history to determine issues that may affect bone health and will ask questions about your pet’s diet, activity level and habits. The vet will also palpate the animal’s body to detect any abnormalities in the spine, joints or bones. Watching how your pet walks can tell the vet if there is any dysfunction in the joints or injuries that affect movement. Your vet may also order x-rays or ultrasound tests, which can detect problems in hard and soft tissues that can affect mobility.

Common Orthopedic Conditions

Canines can develop a number of orthopedic disorders including tears in the anterior cruciate ligament, elbow dislocations, luxation of the patella, hip dysplasia and arthritis. Fractures from accidents, such as being hit by a car or from a fall are also common. Cats are less prone to genetic orthopedic problems, but they may sustain bone fractures from falls, particularly in young animals. Arthritis from wear and tear on joints as feline’s age is also frequently seen by veterinarians. Tumors and abnormal growths on the bones are also common.

Veterinary Care After Surgery

After your pet’s orthopedic surgery, your Winnipeg veterinarian will provide detailed instructions on medications, wound care, activity restrictions and other needs. Attending your pet’s follow-up visits will ensure that the area is healing normally. Your vet will be on hand for any questions you may have. The vet will also advise you on physical therapy or any supportive care your pet may need after surgery.

Contact Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital For Orthopedic Pet Surgery in Winnipeg Today!

Dr. Kahlon and his team at Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital feel the same way about animals as you do. We offer compassionate care with a variety of services to ensure the health of your pet throughout life, with vaccinations, dental care, surgery, allergy care, and urgent care. Call Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital today at 204-504-5600 for an appointment to have your pet screened for orthopedic problems and to learn about surgical options that can help.