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Pet Dental FAQs in Winnipeg

Most people are unaware that their pets need to go to the dentist, too. Fortunately, here at Silver Heights Vet Hospital in Winnipeg, we provide complete pet dental services for your pets. Whether you have never brought your pet in for dental care, or you are looking for a new pet dentist, let us assist you. Start with these frequently asked questions about pet dental services.

Dog With Toothbrush

What is Pet Dentistry?

Just like humans, pets need to get their teeth cleaned, examined, and maintained for optimal overall health. This involves bringing your pet in for an oral screening, as well as for treatments for their dental issues. If your pet has dental problems, such as bleeding gums, broken teeth, or bad breath, we can treat this using dental care. A routine dental exam also gives us the opportunity to learn more about your pet’s general health care, which is important for their well-being.

Why Should I Get Dental Care for My Pet?

Pet dental care is essential for the overall health and well-being of your pet. The pet’s teeth, gums, throat, and tongue say a lot about how their internal organs are functioning. By getting your pet in to see our dentist for routine checkups, we can help identify early indicators of serious health problems, such as heart disease.

This can be highly beneficial in improving their livelihood with prompt care for underlying conditions. In addition, when you get your pet’s teeth cleaned and examined, it reduces the risk of bacteria that cause gum disease and periodontal disease. 

What Should I Expect From a Routine Dental Exam?

When you bring your pet in for a routine dental exam, we will most likely need to put the pet under general anesthesia. This is for their comfort and safety, as well as for the safety of our staff. We will need to conduct blood work prior to their exam, which will include a teeth cleaning, oral examination, and aftercare services as needed.

During a dental exam, we will clean off the plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth. We will also remove any buildup along their gum line and look for indications of rotting or decaying bone or tissue. By removing the bacteria from the pet’s mouth on a regular basis, we can help prevent or reverse gum disease and associated tooth loss.

Choosing Pet Dentistry in Winnipeg

Here at Silver Heights Vet Hospital, we offer pet dentistry as an important component of your pet’s comprehensive health and wellness. Contact our office in Winnipeg, Manitoba at (204) 504-5600 to schedule a pet dental exam or for more information about pet dental care.

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