Here at Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital, we care deeply about the health and happiness of each patient. Our diagnostic and preventative veterinary services are personalized for each and every pet, allowing us to maximize your favourite family member’s quality of life while reducing their future health risks.  We use state-of-the-art equipment for more precise and comfortable treatments.

 Being vigilant about your pet’s health and wellness can mean the difference between a happy, healthy and active pet or a pet that is chronically in pain, infected and unhealthy. Our veterinarian can help ensure your pet’s health by; catching diseases and illnesses early.  At Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital we recommend annual pet wellness checkups, because early diagnosis of virtually any disease can reduce the chance of serious health problems as well as reduce the cost of veterinary care. The sooner we can begin to treat any health problems, the more likely it is that your pet will fully recover with much fewer lingering side effects.

Checkups as Your Pet Grows

Puppies and Kittens

Because kittens’ and puppies’ immune systems are not fully developed yet, we like to see them for their first examination when they’re six to eight weeks old. We’ll give your pet its initial examination, administer its first vaccinations, and prescribe deworming. Your pet will need in total three exams, sets of vaccinations and deworming in its first year to complete the immunity process.  An exam is performed at each appointment to make sure they are growing normally. We will also discuses spaying or neutering and schedule this procedure at around 6 months of age. 

With pet vaccinations, a small amount of serum is injected under the skin that contains killed or inactive components of certain viruses and bacteria. That stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies that will protect your pet from a set of very contagious and dangerous diseases. These initial vaccinations are considered “core” or essential vaccinations, but there are a number of other vaccinations that can be given based on your pet’s lifestyle. 


Adult pets should come in once a year for an exam, booster vaccinations, and wellness blood screening.  This wellness screening will allow us to detect diseases well before we see any physical signs giving your pet a longer healthier life.  Heartworm and Lyme testing for dogs should be done once a year in the spring.  Tick protection should be used during warmer months (starting at 4 degrees) and Heartworm prevention should be used monthly from June-November.


When your pet reaches six or seven years old, it can be considered a senior pet. Like humans, older pets are more likely to develop health problems such as arthritis, heart and lung problems, vision and hearing loss, and other age-related maladies. We may increase your pet’s appointments to twice a year at this time. 

Helping Through Your Pet’s Life

There’s no better help for your pet’s healthy and happy life than a good relationship with your veterinarian. From training advice in the first year to helping you through your pet’s final days, your veterinary team is here for you and your furry friend.   We want to get to know your pet, so give us a call at 204-504-5600. We’ll be happy to make an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.