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Preventative Pet Wellness Care

You and your family go to the dentist and the doctor for regular checkups; you should schedule the same thing for you furry family members. At Silver Heights Veterinary Hospital we recommend annual pet wellness checkups, because early diagnosis of virtually any disease can reduce the chance of serious health problems as well as reducing the cost of veterinary care. The sooner we can begin to treat any health problems, the more likely it is that your pet will fully recover with much fewer lingering side effects.

Parts of Pet Wellness

We think of preventative pet wellness as annual examinations, but that's really only part of it. When your pet comes in for its appointment, we'll begin with a nose-to-tail exam to begin with. After that our veterinarian will check many other parts of your pet's health, including:

  • Oral hygiene, to check for tooth decay, tartar buildup, problems with the gums or tongue, or bacterial infections
  • Parasite prevention, looking for fleas, ticks, and mites outside and treating for heartworm inside
  • Ear health, including checking for infections and blockages
  • Vaccinations, both necessary core vaccines and optional non-core ones as needed according to lifestyle

Checkups as Your Pet Grows

We like to see puppies and kittens for their first examination when they're six to eight weeks old. We'll give your pet its initial examination, administer its first vaccinations, and schedule an appointment for spaying or neutering. Your pet will need three more exams in its first year to complete the immunity process, while we check to make sure it's growing normally.

Adult pets should come in once a year for an exam and for booster shots. Barring emergencies, most dogs and cats don't need any more medical treatment during their beginning adult years.

When your pet reaches six or seven years old, it can be considered a senior pet. Like humans, older pets are more likely to develop health problems such as arthritis, heart and lung problems, vision and hearing loss, and other age-related maladies. We'll increase your pet's appointments to twice a year at this time.

Helping Through Your Pet's Life

There's no better help for your pet's healthy and happy life than a good relationship with your veterinarian. From training advice in the first year to help through your pet's final days, your veterinarian team is here for you and your furry friend through your pet's whole life. We want to get to know your dog or cat, so give us a call at (204) 504-5600. We'll be happy to make an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

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