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In House Laboratory

When a pet is not feeling well, we want quick results so that treatment can be start6ed as soon as possible. That’s why our veterinarians maintain an array of state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic services, including: 

Lab Work

Lab work is a standard part of any routine wellness exam; it’s also performed when pets are brought to our animal hospital suffering from a suspected internal or systemic emergency. Samples are taken and processed in our in-house laboratory for prompt, accurate results that enable us to administer the right treatment right away. Lab tests may include:

  • Blood testing – Blood samples can hold a wealth of information about your pet’s current state of health. CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry panel testing can reveal abnormal organ function, diseases, infections and other issues.
  • Urine testing – Urine testing helps us check for conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections, kidney failure and other problems. You may also hear this form of testing referred to as urinalysis.
  • Fecal testing – Fecal testing may be ordered to check for the presence of parasites. (The exception is heartworm, which is tested via blood sample instead.)